A notification will be sent to the customer if any vehicle entered any prohibited area Our customers have 30 days trial and can cancel any time during this period
This package provides vehicle tracking in instantaneous reports to fleet location and live CCTV This service helps car rental companies to catch any trial to hack the car odometer

افضل اجهزت تتبع موراقبة السيارات من سوق ساتار

Increase utilization and efficiency of your taxi fleet by knowing the areas with large number of customers and focusing your fleet there.

تطبيق سواقي
جهاز تتبع السيارة
From day one, Managers can learn and adjust the journey with our complete record-keeping history
Tataboa provides through this service periodic and detailed reports about the car and fleet performance
Later on, the stored data will be uploaded to our servers once the vehicle enters an area with active GSM network The installation time differ from one vehicle to another
This feature tracks your fleet that travel outside big cities to rural areas, or vehicles travelling to the desert and remote places Choose the icon you want and the color of the icon based on your needs Report and Preview on Every Limitless Period! Your enterprise's ERP can connect directly and in real-time to its vehicles and assets

جهاز تتبع المركبات جدة l نظام تتبع المركبات l جهاز تعقب السيارات

We are happy to assist you in integrating and customizing our products and solutions.

enables you raise against the competition by integrating your delivery system with your fleet
مواصفات جهاز تتبع السيارات
Select, print, extract records, and send vehicles' paths with ease and with the possibility of search
افضل اجهزت تتبع موراقبة السيارات من سوق ساتار
It is possible to have muliple vehicles under one account