com that it says 2 rooms

Boudl Apart 'Hotel Saudi Arabia

In summary, I will never visit this hotel at all when I come to Taif next time.

احجز بودل الطائف في الطائف
I showed her the reservation confirmation from Hotels
تعرف على أرخص 5 منتجعات في الطائف
أفضل فنادق الطائف
My wife spoke to them twice second and third day as there was dust in both room
she ignored that and tried to convince me that its just one room, It took her 10min to confirm that I have two rooms

أفضل فنادق الطائف


رقم فندق بودل الطائف
فندق بودل الطائف للشقق الفندقية Boudl Taif
بودل الطائف
The quality of the breakfast was horrible
At the time of check-out I informed the receptionist about those issues and he said re- breakfast, its due to pandemic and Covid that's why they couldn't serve good breakfast!!! The rooms were not cleaned properly

تقرير عن فندق بودل الطائف


فندق بودل الطائف ، Taif ، Saudi Arabia
بودل الطائف. الطائف, السعودية
متنزه الردف.. واحة استمتاع العائلات في الطائف السعودية