There are two types available: a personalized card and an anonymous card Jews were free to return to their homes in Tel Aviv at the end of the following year when, with the end of World War I and the defeat of the Ottomans, the British took control of Palestine
The flag and city arms of Tel Aviv see above contain under the red Star of David 2 words from the biblical book of Jeremiah: "I God will build You up again and you will be rebuilt Today, trains are a fast and comfortable alternative to buses for many destinations

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Economy The "" in Tel Aviv's financial district Tel Aviv has been ranked as the twenty-fifth most important financial center in the world.

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A Place in History: Modernism, Tel Aviv, and the Creation of Jewish Urban Space
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Cuisine Tel Aviv is famous for its wide variety of world-class restaurants, offering traditional Israeli dishes as well as international fare
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The population is expected to reach 450,000 by 2025; meanwhile, the average age of residents fell from 35
Note that while sheruts operate on Shabbat Friday night and Saturday , fares will increase by a few shekels In addition, Tel Aviv hosts an annual LGBT
However, growth halted in 1917 when the authorities as a wartime measure Tel Aviv absorbed 42,000 immigrants from the FSU, many educated in scientific, technological, medical and mathematical fields

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An English language radio station, , is based at
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In 2013, Tel Aviv had more than 700 startup companies and research and development centers, and was ranked the second-most innovative city in the world, behind and ahead of
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In recent years, Tel Aviv has received many non-Jewish migrants from Asia and Africa, students, foreign workers documented and undocumented and refugees
The staff librarians at the reference desk are available to assist visitors in locating the requested material However, the city's municipality struggled to cope with an influx of new immigrants
In the wake of this violence, many Jews left Jaffa for Tel Aviv On 4 November 1995, Israel's prime minister, , at a rally in Tel Aviv in support of the Oslo peace accord

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Housed on the campus of is , a museum of the international Jewish diaspora that tells the story of Jewish prosperity and persecution throughout the.

After the Tel Aviv began the of parts of Jaffa, fully unified with Jaffa under the name "Tel Aviv" in April 1950, and was renamed to "Tel Aviv-Yafo" in August 1950
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It served as the terminus for the
Yet it still wished to maintain its interests in Jaffa