In November 2015 he also became Kuwait's acting oil minister
In January 2014, his term as minister of commerce and industry ended and Abdulmohsen Al Madaj replaced him in the post In January 2015 he was appointed deputy prime minister

من هو أنس خالد ناصر الصالح وزير الداخلية الكويتي الجديد؟

He retained his post in the August 2013 reshuffle.

أنس الصالح... وشخصانية الاستجواب!
Career [ ] Anas Al Saleh was the board chairman and managing director of Kuwait Invest Holding Company KSCC in 2006 and the board member of KCCI from 2006 to 2010
أبو ناصر أصول عائلة أنس الصالح أبنائه وزوجته شيماء الملا :: من هو أنس خالد ناصر الصالح ويكيبيديا .. السيرة الذاتية لأنس ناصر الصالح وزير الداخلية قبيلة أنس الصالح أفراد أسرة أنس الصالح
He received a bachelor's degree in business administration from in 1997
أنس الصالح
Portland State University, Office of Academic Affairs
In 2017, Saleh was also awarded an honorary degree by He also served as from January 2014 to December 2017
Habib Toumi 14 February 2012 Early life and education [ ] Saleh was born in 1972

أنس الصالح: حصر وتقييم الأصول العقارية المملوكة للدولة

Saleh was appointed in the same reshuffle, replacing in the post.

أنس خالد ناصر الصالح
Lobna Maarefi; Majda Al Awadhi 12 December 2012
Anas Khalid Al Saleh
Anas Al Saleh Official Website
He was appointed minister of commerce and industry to the cabinet led by in February 2012 He was also made chairman of foreign investment capital committee