The age at which girls started to be veiled and secluded, twelve to fourteen, was a crucial age for the development of talents and intellect, and veiling and seclusion frustrated that development; girls needed to mix freely with men, for learning came from such mixing The Imperial and asiatic quarterly review and oriental and colonial record, Oriental Institute Woking, England , East India Association London, England• His mission in France lasted four years
He believed that Egyptian women were the backbone of a strong nationalistic people and therefore their roles in society should drastically change to better the Egyptian nation Qasim's mother was the daughter of Ahmad Bey Khattab a son of a Nephew of 's family

Qasim Amin

To answer conservatives who worried about abolition of the veil would have influence on women's purity, Amin replied not from the perspective of gender equality, but from the standpoint to follow the superior Western civilization.

قاسم أمين وتحرير المرأة
" Therefore, it was important to the Egyptian nation that women's roles should be changed
كتب ومؤلفات قاسم أمين
Amin gave an example of the situation
قاسم أمين
Study And research" , ed Amin's argument against seclusion and veiling was simply that girls would forget all they had learned if they were made to veil and observe seclusion after they were educated
5 Dec 1995 : 1637-1638 When women were enslaved in the home, without a voice and without an education, they tended to spend their time wastefully and bring forth children that would grow to be lazy, ignorant, and mistrustful

قاسم أمين… رجل حلم بتحرير المرأة

these intellects and these souls that we so admire, could possibly fail to know the means of safeguarding woman and preserving her purity? In 1885, he was appointed a jurist in the Mixed Courts.

قاسم أمين
"Qasim Amin, Egyptisch feminist 1865-1908
من قصص العشاق ...قاسم أمين والمرأة ..الحب ... والإنتحار !
Abduh blamed Islamic traditionalists for the moral and intellectual decay of the Islamic world which he believed caused the colonization of the Islamic society by western forces
قاسم أمين.. تحولات في قراءة واقع المرأة
Greatly impacted by the influence of Mohammad Abduh and though a trained student of the colonial powers, Amin accepted Abduh's philosophies which he generated into his own