The applicants minimum age must be 18 The medical examination required is a general examination of the applicant, ensuring the driver s safety and ability to drive a vehicle including, eye examination An appointment is reserved for the theory test related to driving in accredited driving schools , blood type, etc
The applicant must provide six official photos size 4x6 cm The applicant must provide six official photos size 4x6 cm

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While taking the test, you are allowed to make a total of 2 mistakes and if you do not know the answer to a particular question, you may skip it and a new question will appear.

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A medical check-up is an essential part of attaining a driving license in the Kingdom
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Whereas, for practical training, the applicant must go to the driving school first to get an assessment and then the number of hours required for training will be determined
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Enter the required information including National ID or Iqama number and date of birth
Perform and pass the necessary hours and requirements for all parts of the driving test, including the practical and theoretical stages To further understand the requirements for issuing a driving license, click here
Fill in the required information on the online registration form Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a message verifying your registration

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presents its efforts and dedication to facilitating the issuance of obtaining a valid driving license in the Kingdom through the development of an e-service, provided by the Public Security Department, which can be accessed through Absher.

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To ensure that you are fully prepared for the theoretical test, the Saudi Driving School provides the trainee with 8 theoretical lectures, each lasting for up to an hour
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Click on [My Services] then [Inquires] then [Traffic] and then [Public Query Driving License]• The applicant must pay the required fees
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These examinations can be conducted out of any governmental or private medical center associated with traffic