Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics Eventually, after several variations — 'Katr', 'Kattar' and 'Guttur' — the modern derivative Qatar was adopted as the country's name
The focus of British interests in Qatar changed after the Second World War with the independence of India, the creation of in 1947 and the development of oil in Qatar is the language of the deaf community

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When the caliphate's prosperity declined in Iraq, so too did it in Qatar.

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Qatar ranked number 23 overall in the 2014 NRI ranking, unchanged from 2013
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With the economy recovering in the 1990s, expatriate populations, particularly from and South Asia, have grown again
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In 1949, the appointment of the first British political officer in Doha, John Wilton, signifed a strengthening of Anglo-Qatari relations
Gibson, Owen 14 June 2014 military The SIPRI found that in 2010—14 Qatar was the 46th-largest arms importer in the world
TV broadcasting in Qatar was started in 1970 86m in 2016 — the yearly growth rate being merely 2

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The life expectancy at birth was 82.

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Davies; The Politics of Regional Trade in Iraq, Arabia and the Gulf, 1745—1900 by Hala Fattah"
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The country was a member state of OPEC , having joined in 1961, and having left in January 2019
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In December 2019, the Qatari World Cup officials approached the chiefs and the organizers of the to plan huge desert campsites for thousands of football fans