The use of the Internet in our time has become an indispensable necessity, as it has become an integral part of the health, social, military, cultural and other areas of life some people get hacked and their money get stolen by hackers
Thus he loses his real friends, and eventually feels lonely and depressed, so your social relationships must be good there are also website in the internet with very bad content that are not safe for kids

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Receive new scientific, cultural, scientific and technological achievements of the world.

ما هي ايجابيات و سلبيات الانترنت
It is also possible to solve an insurmountable problem by communicating with one of the intellectuals or doctors and consulting them on the subject
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the internet is useful for students as they can communicate with their teachers and they can send their homework
ما هي ايجابيات و سلبيات الانترنت
What is the relationship between the two?
The neglect of religious worship and delaying its time however, there is disadvantages of using the internet
Do you want to check it yourself? also, you can watch movies and TV shows by using the internet

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Health problems Health problems, Long sitting in front of computer networks can lead to health problems in sight, or back pain due to sitting on the chair for a long period of time.

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you can easily apply for jobs, learn something new, watch movies, and read the news through the internet
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Try to be away from the Internet permanently for a month
موضوع تعبير عن الإنترنت وفوائده وأضراره
However, there are many issues with the internet