Abeer established at Sharafiyah in Jeddah in 1999 is catering to the healthcare needs of nearly 4 million patients every year In my view, the actual growth of healthcare industry should never be understood in terms of the mushrooming of healthcare institutions
From then on, Andalusia has been steadily realizing its goals and has been realizing one dream after another Motivated by the Islamic Andalusian era, during which humanity was blessed with the foundations of today's modern civilization in aspects of knowledge, science and medicine, Andalusia group was founded to uphold the noble principles and values inspired by this wonderful age to provide a health care system that acts as a vital pillar in the development and prosperity of nations

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We are proud of our origin, our progress, as well as our partners.

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A little bit About Us Andalusia is one of the leading regional players in the healthcare provision space in the Middle East
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With a network of general hospitals, specialized medical centers, and polyclinics across Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Andalusia has built a unique footprint both in service spectrum and geographically
The group at present owns and manages 20 healthcare facilities that includes hospitals and high end medical centers and is becoming one of the most successful healthcare providers in the GCC The second generation family owner Dr
Andalusia Healthcare Business Solution, Andalusia Careers, Andalusia Techno-medical Services, Andalusia Engineering Service, Blue Ocean Advertising Solutions, and Al Nakheel Hospital are now materialized realities and concrete successes

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Hazem Zagzoug, the current CEO has made it possible for a renowned financial institution like the IFC to join forces to serve more than 7 million patients in the last 10 years with amicable quality, and creating 2000 new jobs.

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for Medical Services was founded in 1984 by the entrepreneur Dr
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The healthcare company is keen on providing patient care of exceptional standards through its best-in-class hospitals and medical centers featuring advanced medical technology and modernized care-giving methods
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We are still striving to achieve more As Al-Andalus - more than twelve centuries ago — was a symbol of commitment and perseverance in achieving aspirations, so is Andalusia group born today to take upon itself the development and prosperity of health services in the present era
Abeer mobile app ensures patients stick to a healthy, physician-recommended diet, continuing exercise routines, and adheres to medication schedule along with follow-up appointments A little of Who We Are Andalusia succeeded in establishing a strategic partnership with the IFC

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It has to be rather on the basis of increasing awareness on the ways to enhance.

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The healthcare company owns and operates a chain of medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies and optical outlets across the major cities in Saudi Arabia
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Darweesh Zagzoug as a single hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and grown over 30 years to own and manage several healthcare facilities in both Saudi and Egypt