She ran through the gate The cat is under the table From where do you come? I have a coin in my hand
He wants to swim with us Is this what you were thinking of? With whom did you go to town? A subject of great interest

کانون عربي دهدشت: رحمان فلاحی مقدم

I have found what you were looking for? Who did you go to town with? This is a matter to think over.

حرف جر
A ladder is used for climbing up and down
حروف جر درزبان عربی
A day of national mourning
حروف الجر في اللغة العربية
He left the house in a hurry
After finishing her work, Samar left home
She likes going to the cinema with him He spoke during the meal

حروف الجر في الانجليزي

Where do you come from? On account of the weather, the airplane postponed its flight.

حروف الجر الانجليزية ومعانيها و استخداماتها بالتفصيل
He appeared with an angry look
حرف جر
آموزش زبان عربی

حرف جر


إعراب حروف الجر باللغة العربية
حروف الجر ومعانيها
حروف جر درزبان عربی