New and experienced drivers use different driving strategies answer : i usually go to cornwall during the summer
This time next week we to Jamaica answer : can you tell me how much that jacket cost

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2- who is going to school with maria? Read the text and answer the questions.

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1- how many eggs do e need for the cake? Would you like to use it? Unit 4: The World of TV• Q: Dad, can I borrow your cell phone, please? Have you ever made a mistake that has turned out for the best? Rags to Riches Simple Present Tense Use the simple present tense for facts and things that are true in general
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Choose the word or phrase that produces a grammatically correct sentence
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Unit 2: Rags to Riches• This one is so old! Read the text and find out
: Q: Can I have the check, please? 6- which car do they like? Unit 1: Two Is Better Than One• Use the simple present tense to talk about future timetables or schedules Is there any other food? What kind of exotic animals can you see in parks or zoos? answer : do you know here the bus stop is
What would you do if you bought a computer that had a lot of defects? What impact did it have on the writer? Experienced drivers seem to be better able to deal with difficult situations Present your poster in class

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You are 15 minutes late.

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I am afraid I must on you turning off your mobile phones in the classroom Can you any good Thai restaurants in the area C
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H Complete the conversation with the phrases from the box
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Allow time for questions afterward