Unlike the IXTPs, they do NOT struggle to state certainties We are also more likely to explore subjects such as spirituality, existentialism, and the as compared to an
I have an INTP friend the order of your cognitive preference

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Both INFJs and INTPs have a tendency to keep their feelings close to them.

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INFJs and other MBTI types with the judging preference i
Practical Typing
They are going to be more insecure about their ability to navigate a social environment than they let on
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The typical stereotype and social expectation of what males and females should be can unconsciously affect the way you answer the MBTI questionnaires
Introverted intuition Ni is a function that usually works in the background ISTPs tend to be known for talking less, but this tends to be because ISTPs struggle to verbalize their thoughts due to the Ti-Ni combo
They enjoy theoretical speculation and what-if scenarios Ni makes them focus on one thing, Se gives them the desire to put it into action, and Te will give them the drive to see the end result or the completion of that goal


INFJs prefer a depth of information while INTPs prefer a breadth of information.

However, I did know an INTP who would randomly come up with ideas for household gadgets… and then look very disappointed when he found out that someone had already invented it
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INTPs read a wide genre of books and are usually very knowledgeable in many subjects
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There are certain scenarios in which an ISTP will appear similar to an INTJ, but those two as a whole are very different as well
Ni users are likely to get frustrated by Ne users who are constantly throwing out possibilities and hypotheticals since they will view these as excessive and distracting We have to learn sensitivity
introverted intuition is not obvious and easily recognized to most people, even to ourselves INFJs often because we lack the meaningful, emotional connection we desire


To them, taking the logical path is more important than.

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As mentioned above, Ne is known for idea generation, so INTPs are good at brainstorming and coming up with endless ideas, theories, speculations, what-if scenarios, and etc
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Due to their Si, INTPs tend to know random facts about random things due to the random subjects that they briefly took interest in
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