I]t is essential to deal with the same set of particles throughout the time interval[ I Bernard Cohen Peter M
Hannah, J, Hillier, M J, Applied Mechanics, p221, Pitman Paperbacks, 1971• Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford University Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy

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] Consequently, the mass of the system can not change during the time of interest.

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Quoting Newton in the Principia: It is not one action by which the Sun attracts Jupiter, and another by which Jupiter attracts the Sun; but it is one action by which the Sun and Jupiter mutually endeavour to come nearer together
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Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press
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Any single force is only one aspect of a mutual interaction between two bodies Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press
When the mass varies due to accretion or ablation, [an alternate equation explicitly accounting for the changing mass] should be used "On the use and abuse of Newton's second law for variable mass problems"

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