Any change in the account details or personal information of the client should be promptly reported by the client to Zain Arabic version should be implemented for any misinterpretation of any term
In case of any dispute, the decision of Zain shall be considered as final

كيف اعرف رصيد زين وطرق شحن رصيد زين ومعرفه رقم الخاص بى

The client may revoke the authorization given to Zain at any time by sending a written notice of revocation to Zain.

تجديد اشتراك زين .. رمز تجديد اشتراك زين
In case of any contradictions between the terms and conditions in the English and Arabic versions, the terms and conditions in Arabic shall prevail
كيف اشحن بطاقة زين ( أكواد شحن بطاقات زين 2021 )
The above terms and conditions are subject to change by Zain without any prior notice to the client, and Zain reserves the right to inform the client of such changes in any manner suitable to Zain
تجديد اشتراك زين .. رمز تجديد اشتراك زين
The customer hereby declares his knowledge that the deducted amounts for prepaid automated recharge service is non-refundable even in the case of non-consumption of the balance
This point applies to postpaid customers only Zain is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused if the service has been halted for such a reason and the client shall be solely responsible for any change that is made without informing Zain
Zain reserves the right to cancel this service agreement any time by sending advance notice to the client without any sort of liabilities towards the client Zain will keep all confidential information related to the client, and has the right to provide its employees, agents and affiliates on a need to need basis if required

كيف اشحن زين

By tapping "I Agree", I authorize Zain to deduct from my credit card and bank account.

كيفية معرفة رصيد زين الاكواد الجديدة(رقم معرفة رصيد زين )
Zain has the right to request updated customer bank information from the issuer bank directly in case the customer failed to notify Zain of any change, as shown in article 2 above
رموز الخدمات
Zain shall not be responsible for any fraud, loss, damages or misuse of the client's account information or cards due to negligence of the client
طريقة شحن بطاقة زين في 4 خطوات سهلة وبسيطة
All account information provided in this form is accurate,and the customer shall inform Zain in writing of any change s in their account information at least 10 business days prior to the next due date
The client's financial institution is not obligated to check any debit that has been authorized by the client Such revocation shall not end or alter any contract that exists between the client and Zain

طريقة شحن رصيد زين


رموز الخدمات
طريقة شحن زين مسبقة الدفع
كيف اعرف رصيد زين وطرق شحن رصيد زين ومعرفه رقم الخاص بى