Loaded credit has unlimited shelf life as long as you you still use your card with rechargeable activities once every 6 months There are two plans: 'Standard Plan' and 'Saver Plan'
In 2019 KPN decided to concentrate all of their products on the main brand and to discontinue the Telfort brand Existing customers can stay on Telfort plans eventually or will be transferred to KPN plans later

من وين اشتري شريحة ليبارا تعرف على أماكن الشراء و كيفية تسجيل الشريحة و طريقة التفعيل

If you top up again within 1 year, remaining credit will be carried over.

معرفة عدد شرائح الاتصالات المتنقلة المسجلة باسم المشترك
5G has started in April 2020 in some cities, but is not yet available for prepaid users
كيف اعرف رقمي ليبارا
A registration scheme was discussed, but has not been implemented so far
The operators are ordered according to their market share: KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile
2G and 3G shut down [ ] T-Mobile Netherlands has informed that it will switch off its GSM 2G network on 15 November 2020 [this is postponed to 1 June 2021], with all calling, texting and data services to be provided over 3G, 4G and future 5G networks Availability [ ] The starter packs are exclusively available at Aldi stores , one of the biggest discounter supermarket chains in the Netherlands
Telfort: Telfort was established in 1996 and bought by KPN in 2005 to become a subsidiary Note that T-Mobile plans to close its own 2G network not the 3G network like Vodafone and KPN in November 2020 [postponed to June 2021]

تسجيل شريحة ليبارا وكيفية تفعيل شحن ليبارا 2021

Website in English: Discontinued offers [ ]• EU roaming [ ] You can use default rate and your bundles without extra cost in EU roaming.

طُرق الدفع المقبولة على Google Play
Alternatively, a lot of kiosks throughout the country sell the SIM card for free
طُرق الدفع المقبولة على Google Play
95 you can surf unlimited until midnight of the purchase day
من وين اشتري شريحة ليبارا تعرف على أماكن الشراء و كيفية تسجيل الشريحة و طريقة التفعيل
Vodafone has announced a final shutdown date for its 3G mobile network on 4th February 2020