The research and development department operated and supervised by highly qualified team which paved the way to export our products to many countries and Europe in particular
We had done voluminous contribution in optimizing and elaborating many essential organic fertilizers including mono and multi components more and above Easterna developed efficient bio pesticide covering the whole plant disease aiming to protect the environment from fatal toxic phosphochemicals insecticides in the field of veterinary products Easterna elaborated group of essential efficient products such as multi vitamins , antitoxins , antibacterial antifungal and multifarious feed additives Easterna is one of the biggest manufacturers in the field of plant nutrition , plant disease control and veterinary products

السعر والرسم البياني ل‎6060‎

All our products produced under integrated systems of total quality management and under stringent regulations and specifications.

شركة الشرقية للتنمية
شركة الشرقية للتنمية
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Easterna Company شركة الشرقية للتنمية الزراعية
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السعر والرسم البياني ل‎6060‎