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The two massive tourism projects along the Red Sea planned by the Saudi government were to be run under the directorship of Ben Hubbard 26 September 2017

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In Riyadh, the first public live music concert in over 25 years was held in May 2017, which featured American and Saudi singer.

مقال عن رؤية 2030
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الصفحة الرئيسية
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While changes to the law have implemented for the welfare of women, some [ ] argue more progress still needs to be made
Similarly to the overarching Vision 2030, some understood the announcement via royal decree as acquiescing to outside pressure, while others applauded the move In addition, assets were moved overseas and the Gulf became economically unattractive
com staff 5 March 2018 After the , there has been a general reluctance among the international community to invest in Saudi Arabia

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The hosting of sporting events in Saudi Arabia under the strategy have been described as attempts to the country's human rights record.

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In December 2019, the MDL Beast was held in Riyadh, attracting 200,000 visitors over three days, and featuring acts such as , , , , and
رؤية المملكة العربية السعودية لعام 2030
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The app, which promotes a system, allows men to manage women's lives digitally by specifying where and when a woman can travel
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Another aspect is the "zero tolerance to corruption" that may be very difficult to achieve with a "society where family, tribal, and regional ties are stronger than the nebulous conception of state identity" Zidan, Karim 2 September 2019

رؤية السعودية 2030

In 2017, it projected that SAMA's net foreign assets would continue to decline, though remaining at a "comfortable level".

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تعريف بـ السعودية (نص الرؤية كاملا بالداخل)
The core priority is to be able to develop alternative sources of revenue for the government, such as taxes, fees, and income from the sovereign wealth fund
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Its competitive attractiveness The openness to trade and business will enable the Kingdom to increase production and facilitate its way to be one of the largest economies in the world