University of California Museum of Paleontology Wilkinson, Mark; Kupfer, Alexander; Marques-Porto, Rafael; Jeffkins, Hilary; Antoniazzi, Marta M
Natchev, Nikolay; Tzankov, Nikolay; Geme, Richard 2011 "Territoriality and male mating success in the green frog Rana clamitans "

الحيوانات: مبحث العلوم للمرحلة الابتداٸية (للصف الثاني)

Amphibian Biology: Paleontology: The Evolutionary History of Amphibians.

درس الفقاريات الصف الرابع ابتدائي (Remix)
Dalgetty, Laura; Kennedy, Malcolm W
حل الوحدة الثانية الحيوانات ومساكنها علوم للصف الأول الابتدائي
" Xenopus skin mucus induces oral dyskinesias that promote escape from snakes"
الحيوانات اللافقارية
"Observations on the eggs of Ambystoma maculatum with especial reference to the green algae found within the egg envelopes"
International Union for Conservation of Nature• "A comparison of the gill-arch system and fins of three genera of larval salamanders, Rhyacotriton, Gyrinophilus, and Ambystoma" "Evolutionary diversification of TTX-resistant sodium channels in a predator—prey interaction"
"Sexual selection and sexual dimorphism in the Amphibia" "Investigations on the skin toxin of the adult rough-skinned newt, Taricha granulosa"


"Phylogenetic relationships of the salamander families: an analysis of the congruence among morphological and molecular characters".

ملخص الفصل الاول للصف الثامن
Fossils: A Study in Evolution
شارح الدرس: المملكة الحيوانية: الفقاريات
Trueb, Linda; Gans, Carl 1983
ملخص الفصل الاول للصف الثامن
Cannatella, David; Graybeal, Anna 2008