This update contains general improvements and bug fixes, in addition to these two new services: Immediate Consultation Service: A service that allows you to request an immediate virtual consultation from one of approved doctors by MOH Thank you for those who worked on the application
I know people who signed up later, are younger than me and have no medical issues who have received the vaccine - Search for medication and the nearest pharmacies that provide it


I will glorify him and the United Arab Emirates.

مدة ظهور نتيجة فحص كورونا السعودية
- View issued sick leave
Developer Response , Thanks Sara for the feedback on your experience we sincerely appreciate your insight
مدة ظهور نتيجة فحص كورونا السعودية
- Book an appointment in primary healthcare centers
This service allows citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia to book an appointment for testing for COVID-19 via Sehaty App whether they have the symptoms or not Sehhaty aims to enable users to reach health information and medical e-services provided by different health organizations in the Kingdom, such as COVID-19 test appointment booking, the Coronavirus self-assessment test, vital signs updates, tracking prescribed medicine, retrieving and sharing sick leaves, promoting a healthy lifestyle, integrate the Sehhaty Steps tracker with Apple HealthKit and other services related to the health of individuals and families and the health awareness
Thank you to the health and border soldiers Thank you to them and their families

وزارة الصحة تطلق خدمة الاستعلام عن نتائج فحص كورونا من خلال تطبيق


متى تطلع نتيجة فحص كورونا السعودية وكيفية حجز موعد فحص تأكد وتطمن عبر صحتي
I cannot Update personal information
وزارة الصحة تطلق خدمة الاستعلام عن نتائج فحص كورونا من خلال تطبيق
The testing of COVID-19 can be taken in many fixed and mobile locations across Saudi Arabia
صورة: صحة غزة تطلق خدمة الاستعلام عن نتائج فحص كورونا من خلال تطبيق 'صحتي'
- Add dependent - School screening results