Through this training platform, the Ministry of Education seeks to provide its services to all teachers in the Ministry of Education or to those who wish to join the education corps, with a future look to also provide specialized training programs for Arab brothers interested in joining the teaching profession This platform will provide the necessary courses to qualify teachers, develop them and advance the educational process under the direct supervision of the trainers with electronic exams that qualify the teacher to take a certificate about the course with the use of all possible means of interaction
An educational community, pioneering, affiliated, and participant, committed to values, its approach to science and excellence, to reach the global level

منصة التوطين


الهيئة الملكية لمحافظة العلا, الرئيسية
خطوات التسجيل في منصة تدريب المعلمين بالأردن بالرقم الوطني
منصة تدريب مركز التدريب العدلي

رابط التسجيل في منصة تدريب المعلمين بالأردن التسجيل في منصة درسك للمعلمين


منصة التوطين
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